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Bouquet Jewels (Emerald Green) - 3 Carat - Pack of 12 Stems

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Product Description

Each gorgeous jewel  is a 3 carat gem on a 12 inch wire stem that will allow you to add some sparkle to your flowers or other craft projects. Great for embellishing bouquets that are either fresh or silk. The bendable wire stem 

Each cubic zirconia jewel is over 3 carats on a 12 inch flexible wire stem. You receive a pack of 12 jewelry-quality bouquet jewels that are ready to add sparkle to any bridal bouquet. Truly stunning when inserted into a wedding bouquet. Add some dazzling sparkle to any bouquet! 

Bouquet Jewels (Emerald Green) - 3.5 Carat - Pack of 12 

Flexible 12 inch stem allows you to accent any fresh or faux bouquet.

Strong and durable and will last forever.

Jewelry-quality cubic zirconia gems with many facets that reflect the light beautifully.


Overall Dimensions: 3.5 carats ~ 12 inch stem