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​Why Artificial Wedding Flowers Make More Sense Now Than Ever Before

Posted by h e a t h e r on 17th Feb 2022

If you are planning a wedding in 2022, chances are you have experienced some heavy sticker shock while getting price quotes. Wedding flowers are no exception. There is a fresh flower shortage all over the world due in large part to the pandemic.In 2020, weddings were postponed...

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My love story with wedding flowers started in college when I took a basic floral design class then found myself volunteering at the campus flower shop. I studied floral design the hands-on way for several years - learning every aspect of wedding design. When I graduated, I opened my own little specialty bridal flower shop. And in the late 1990’s, I switched over to a new marketplace – the internet. And was born online in 1999. The early years of selling online were kind of crazy and almost like the wild west. It is hard to believe that over 20 years have passed and now buying online is what everyone does, but it wasn’t always that way.

I get to help couples celebrate the most exciting and wonderful time of their lives. Sourcing the most realistic fake wedding flowers and designing quality silk flower bouquets has become my life’s great joy! Assembling a team of extremely talented designers and working alongside them makes it easy to go to work every day! I thank every one of the many brides that chose over the years for this wonderful adventure. I am so grateful for this journey in life and business and wedding flowers.

happy wedding planning……Heather

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