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Bouquet Jewels (Pink Diamond) - 3.5 Carat - Pack of 12 Stems

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Product Description

Each cubic zirconia jewel is over 3 carats on a 12 inch flexible wire stem. You receive a pack of 12 jewelry-quality bouquet jewels that are ready to add sparkle to any bridal bouquet. Truly stunning when inserted into a wedding bouquet. Add some dazzling sparkle to any bouquet! 

Bouquet Jewels (Pink Diamond) - 3.5 Carat - Pack of 12 

Flexible 12 inch stem allows you to accent any fresh or faux bouquet.

Strong and durable and will last forever.

Jewelry-quality cubic zirconia gems with many facets that reflect the light beautifully.


Overall Dimensions: 3.5 carats ~ 12 inch stem