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Pink + Ivory + White Blend Silk Rose Petals - Flower Girl - Centerpieces - Aisle Decoration 250 Petals

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Product Description

Beautiful and realistic faux rose petals! These petals are a mixture of pink and very light ivory that is almost white. Really natural and lovely! Each petal measures about 1 1/2 inches and has been hand dyed to include soft pinks and white/ivory tones. Each package has 250 petals.

Perfect for decorating and designing your perfect wedding designs. Ideal for spreading down the aisle, centerpieces, and for flower girls. 

Petals as Table decoration: 50 to 100 petals per table for a light sprinkling

Petals Down the Aisle: 200 petals per square foot for mounded, 100 for dense, 50 for moderate, 20 for light

Flower girl: 100 to 200 petals per flower girl

Guest Petal Tossing: 12 to 18 petals per guest

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