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Celebrating 7000 Facebook Likes- Thanks to you!!

Posted by Heather on

7000 Facebook Likes

Its always fun to celebrate! Today we reached a milestone of 7000 page likes for our company. Thanks for all the support! We love what we do here....helping you plan a beautiful wedding!

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DIY: How to get this Gorgeous Sunset Twinkle Light Look

We captured this gorgeous sunset sky just as a tropical storm was passing through. It was a simple but elegant set taking a short time to decorate. All you need is 5 ivory rose garland6 ivory roseballs 6 inch1 ivory roseball 10 inch2 strands battery operated LED lightsAnd a beautiful natural branch archway :)

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We are totally crushing on Champagne Bouquet Jewels

Gorgeous Champagne Diamond Bouquet Jewels!! Peeking out from every stunning rose. Adding a beautiful autumn hue to this luscious rose bouquet. We can add our exclusive Champagne jewels to any of our silk bridal bouquets or you can order them by the stem to add to your own designs! 

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Bridal Bouquets: Sometimes Less is More

The focus should be on the bride and groom. The people. The relationship. The love. A sweet bouquet of roses is a lovely accent that doesn't distract from the true focus. The bridesmaids are carrying one dozen blush pink roses, simple and sophisticated. The bride has 3 dozen white roses with some sparkling jewels that we added [...]

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3 Tips for a Fairytale Wedding, without breaking the bank

If you are wanting a fairytale look, without breaking the bank, consider these cost efficient design tips.1.Go Big!Pick one area and make it amazing, like this gorgeous staircase! Really go all out and make it abundant with flowers. You can use artificial to cut costs for the majority of the decor. From a distance, and [...]

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3 Hot Wedding Color Trends in 2017

The hot colors for 2017 are soft pastels. Muted tones mixed with earthy accent colors are very popular.Pastel PinkThis soft pink shade is timeless and so hot this year. We show it here with our sweet one dozen bouquet of roses.Soft LavenderOur bride is holding a luscious bouquet of pale lavender tones with just of hint of dark [...]

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5 Savage Reasons to Get Hitched

1.Live cheaper.Cooking a dinner for two is cheaper than each person buying their own ingredients. And you can buy in bulk.2.Have more time and energy.When a couple shares a home, they can specialize in certain tasks and divide labor, so they have more production with less effort. He is an awesome cook and she is a master at cleaning and organizing. Twice [...]

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Wedding Flowers - Where did the tradition start?

The first recorded use of wedding flowers can be attributed to the Greeks. Flowers and plants would be bundled together to form a garland wreath worn upon the head, much like the better-known Caesar’s laurels. It was considered a gift of nature, and thus extremely appropriate for a wedding. Traditionally, the Greek bridesmaids would be [...]

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Summer Peony Bouquets - Fresh vs. Silk

It's hot during the summer and fresh bouquets of Peonies don't fair well. Ending up a limp droopy mess in just a couple hours. Instead, consider our gorgeous Peony Bridal Bouquets that will look perfect any day in any weather!! You cant beat our prices either.  Enjoy the beauty of a Peony Bouquet without the summer [...]

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Emerald Green Diamond Bouquet Jewels - Sparkling CZ Quality

Brand new Emerald Green color diamond bouquet jewels. These jewels are 3 carat size and absolutely gorgeous and full of great color and depth. This rich green tone is perfect for garden weddings, woodsy settings, rustic and ideal for some holiday sparkle!You can add these jewels to any of our regular bouquets for $2 per [...]

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