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5 Savage Reasons to Get Hitched

Posted by Heather on

1.Live cheaper.

Cooking a dinner for two is cheaper than each person buying their own ingredients. And you can buy in bulk.

2.Have more time and energy.

When a couple shares a home, they can specialize in certain tasks and divide labor, so they have more production with less effort. He is an awesome cook and she is a master at cleaning and organizing. Twice the work in half the time!

3.More likely to buy a home.

Married people often have the benefit of 2 incomes to qualify for a home loan. And are much more likely to own their own home than their single counterparts.

4.Better Social Networks

Married couples have the benefit of access to their partners social networks, which provides them with additional connections and resources.

5.Plan a beautiful Wedding

With all these great perks for getting married, don’t forget planning a beautiful wedding to celebrate. Let The Brides Bouquet create your unique bridal bouquets. You can choose from hundreds of combinations of flowers, ribbons and jewels. 

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Wedding Flowers - Where did the tradition start?

The first recorded use of wedding flowers can be attributed to the Greeks. Flowers and plants would be bundled together to form a garland wreath worn upon the head, much like the better-known Caesar’s laurels. It was considered a gift of nature, and thus extremely appropriate for a wedding. Traditionally, the Greek bridesmaids would be [...]

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Summer Peony Bouquets - Fresh vs. Silk

It's hot during the summer and fresh bouquets of Peonies don't fair well. Ending up a limp droopy mess in just a couple hours. Instead, consider our gorgeous Peony Bridal Bouquets that will look perfect any day in any weather!! You cant beat our prices either.  Enjoy the beauty of a Peony Bouquet without the summer [...]

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Emerald Green Diamond Bouquet Jewels - Sparkling CZ Quality

Brand new Emerald Green color diamond bouquet jewels. These jewels are 3 carat size and absolutely gorgeous and full of great color and depth. This rich green tone is perfect for garden weddings, woodsy settings, rustic and ideal for some holiday sparkle!You can add these jewels to any of our regular bouquets for $2 per [...]

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Summer Beach Wedding Flower Ideas

Beautiful shades of pink, like the colors of summer sorbet. Our summer beach palette has some luscious tones to drink in.  Our exclusive Pink Rose collection Featuring Small Hydrangea, Nosegay, One Dozen, Cascade

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5 Reasons Silk Wedding Flowers are Better than Fresh

Everyone is trying to make their big day as pretty and personalized as possible. One of the main points of interest at every wedding is the flowers. Every bride knows this. So when you are planning out your decor, what kind of flowers,and what color, and if anyone would be allergic to them starts becoming [...]

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Learn the secret for a fun wedding!

photo credit: Stephanie Secrest PhotographyNo matter what type of wedding you are planning, you want it to be fun! Fun for your guests, but more importantly fun for you. So often brides get lost in the planning part, and forget that it is supposed to be fun. It can be any theme: elegant, rustic, western, renaissance, [...]

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Beautiful Burgundy Color Palette - Top Wedding Trend for 2017

Delicious shades of burgundy wine: Merlot, Cabernet, Syrah! We are getting so many requests for burgundy bouquets! We have a ton of coordinating bouquets and accessories in our burgundy collection. You can personalize your look by selecting your own ribbons  (we have 20 ribbon colors to choose from) plus you can add a little sparkle to each [...]

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Love & Roses: A Timeless Tradition

This island setting is absolutely dreamy paired with our gorgeous bouquet of 3 dozen red roses! An all-time favorite photo sent to us from one of our happy couples. Choose from a large selection of reasonably priced silk wedding bouquets, that will last forever, just like your love for each other. Lots of red rose styles to coordinate [...]

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3 Wedding Planning Tips inspired from Wonder Woman

Lets just say it. Wonder Woman is a badass! If she planned her wedding, it would totally reflect who she was. You would feel it as soon as you walked in. We do mostly silk wedding flowers here at The Brides If Wonder Woman called us for a silk wedding bouquet recommendation, we would point her toward [...]

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