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​Why Artificial Wedding Flowers Make More Sense Now Than Ever Before

Posted by h e a t h e r on 17th Feb 2022

​Why Artificial Wedding Flowers Make More Sense Now Than Ever Before

If you are planning a wedding in 2022, chances are you have experienced some heavy sticker shock while getting price quotes. Wedding flowers are no exception. There is a fresh flower shortage all over the world due in large part to the pandemic.

In 2020, weddings were postponed and cancelled in record numbers. Flower growers had no one to sell their crops to, so massive amounts of flowers died in fields and greenhouses. Farmers were reluctant to plant much until the pandemic subsided. Now in 2022 as events are picking back up, the supply of flowers for weddings is extremely limited.

Many florists report double and triple prices for stem flowers, and often they are not able to locate the amounts and colors of fresh flowers they need for wedding ceremonies, receptions and bridal bouquets. Frustrated brides have been left with crazy high price tags plus often not getting the types of flowers they requested.

Enter artificial wedding bouquets. There are so many benefits to choosing silk flowers during this unusual season of time.

  • No hidden costs so fake flowers are budget friendly.
  • No last minute design changes because the flower types were not available.
  • No stress because you can purchase all the flower décor early.
  • No snobby florist to deal with
  • No droopy flowers because they have been out of water too long.

Browse the gorgeous budget friendly bouquets available with realistic faux flowers and greenery. It might solve more than one problem of your wedding planning!