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Wedding Flowers - Where did the tradition start?

Posted by Heather on 17th Jul 2017

The first recorded use of wedding flowers can be attributed to the Greeks. Flowers and plants would be bundled together to form a garland wreath worn upon the head, much like the better-known Caesar’s laurels. It was considered a gift of nature, and thus extremely appropriate for a wedding. Traditionally, the Greek bridesmaids would be responsible for this honor.

The garland bouquet would often contain bulbs of garlic. This wasn’t to make the wedding smell like your grandmother’s kitchen, but instead to ward off any evil spirits that might see fit to intervene in the ceremony or curse their future together.

The tradition of wedding flowers remains to this day. We might not fashion wreaths to wear, but the meaning and appropriate nature of flowers remains the same. Today we keep the traditions of old, but update it for today. Silk wedding flowers are a beautiful way to celebrate your wedding nuptials. 

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