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Top 3 Wedding Color Trends 2024

Posted by h e a t h e r on 20th Jan 2024

Top 3 Wedding Color Trends 2024

I am seeing some big shifts in the wedding color palettes for 2024. Each year there are small adjustments in the wedding colors and styles that we see. Classic white and ivory never go out of style as primary colors. But the accent colors are where we see the movement. I communicate with A LOT of brides and I watch color trends in lots of different industries. Here are 3 color trends I’m seeing for 2024:

  • 1. Floral patterns are everywhere. Garden party floral dresses in whimsical pastels and jewel-tone velvety, burnout dresses. The solid, single color palette is shifting to multi-color bridesmaid dresses. Solid color dresses can still be mixed in for that mismatched vibe. All my favorite bridesmaid dress companies either have floral pattern gowns in stock or they are arriving soon! Single color bridesmaid bouquets will see a big resurgence to balance the look and not get lost in the intricate floral dress patterns. I expect to see a lot more floral pattern linens and invitations as well.Hippy Arkansas Wedding
  • 2.  Retro 70’s disco vibe is bringing some groovy color palettes back into fashion. Avocado green, mustard yellow, and amber tones are popping up in invitations, gowns and florals. Last year’s disco ball love continues on into 2024 with even more retro accents. Nostalgia is bringing back daisy bouquets and flower crowns!70s wedding ideas
  • 3. Bold Wildflowers are moving into the spotlight. A bright summer palette of hot pinks, oranges and yellows. Hot pink is making a big splash this summer. Vibrant tones are growing in popularity. Think bold peonies, poppies and daisies mixed with airy grasses and fillers. Think of a lush field of bright wildflowers. Not just a small pop of color but color everywhere. From dresses to flowers to invitations- bold & bright wildflower mixes!  Wildflower summer bouquets

These are the up and coming colors and trends that I see. We will continue to see a lot of sage green, dusty blue and dusty lavender this year. But I expect to also see a lot of new bolder patterns and colors and I am so here for it!! Happy wedding planning!!