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Love is an Action. Not a Feeling.

Posted by h e a t h e r on 25th May 2018

Love is an Action. Not a Feeling.

It was a misty morning in September last year, when I stumbled across this scene. I live in a sleepy little beach town and I walk this beach most days. I have seen several weddings and proposals on this section of beach. But that day in September, I witnessed true love. I watched him wrestle the wheel chair from the trunk of his very dated vehicle. He then proceeded to open the passenger door and assist her into her chariot. She was smiling at him as he rolled up her pant legs, and then rolled up his own. He then started the arduous task of pushing that wheeled chair through the soft sand toward the water. He was unsteady, but he kept going until they reach the edge of the surf. She waited with anticipation for the next wave to reach her. When the cold water rushed over her feet, she let out a squeal of delight, like a child who had just jumped into the cold water. She pulled her feet up and laughed. They only stayed 5 minutes and then they headed back to the car. But I will never forget the love in action that I witnessed that morning. 

My hope for every marriage that I have the privilege to provide silk wedding flowers for:

Choose love in your actions everyday, even when the feelings of love are hard to remember.