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Red and White Wedding Flowers

Posted by on 1st Dec 2016

This bride chose the Ivory Silk Rose Hand Tie with 36 roses for her bouquet and all the flowers for her bridal party are an exact match. What a gorgeous portrait. […]

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White and Light Blue themed wedding

This is a lovely combination of colors for this bride's big day. She chose the White Silk Rose Hand Tie wedding bouquet with 36 roses. Her bridesmaids are carrying the exact same bouquet with 24 roses each. And her junior bridesmaid has the toss bouquet with the same roses in it. Simply beautif […]

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Beautiful Daisy Wedding

This is a gorgeous outdoor wedding with a heavy daisy theme. This bride saved so much money because each one of those daisy bouquets from are only $9.99 each. They look great and will last forever. The Tiffany Blue Daisy Bouquet has been especially popular this year. […]

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Purple and Ivory Bridal Bouquet

This wedding bouquet has been very popular this year. It's a blend of beautiful purple and ivory silk roses. This bride chose the Purple and Ivory Silk Rose Hand Tie with 36 roses. It's an abundant bouquet available at for only $29.99 […]

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Wildflower Silk Rose Wedding Bouquet

The Wildflower Collection from is a great way to have spring flowers in your wedding regardless of where your wedding is. The time of year doesn't matter either as these flowers will look gorgeous in any temperature. Indoors or outdoors these wedding bouquets are ready to make y […]

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Pink Bridal Bouquet

Look how happy this little junior bridesmaid is for the bride. She has her basket filled with Pink Silk Rose Petals that are an exact match to the bride's Pink Silk Rose Hand Tie with 36 roses. Her bridesmaid is carrying the matching Pink Silk Rose Toss Bouquet. She was able to get al […]

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Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet

We introduced this hydrangea bouquet to our product line last year and the demand has been huge. We currently offer it in three different colors and three different sizes for each. This bride took a fantastic picture with the Hydrangea Rose Yellow and Peach Hand Tie. This shows our smallest siz […]

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Purple and Ivory Silk Rose Wedding Bouquets

Purple and Ivory go so well together. You can see in this picture the bride is holding the Purple Silk Rose bridal bouquet with 36 silk roses. Her maid-of-honor is carrying the Purple and Ivory Silk Rose wedding bouquet and her bridesmaids have the Ivory Silk Rose Toss Bouquet. These colors com […]

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Pink Silk Rose Hand Tie Wedding Bouquet

This bride is taking off in her limo just after the ceremony. She chose the Pink Silk Rose Hand Tie with 24 roses and silver ribbon for her bouquet. It's available at for only $19.99 she was able to use the money she saved to spend on her honeymoon. Fantastic! […]

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