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5 Savage Reasons to Get Hitched

Posted by Heather on 19th Jul 2017

5 Savage Reasons to Get Hitched

1.Live cheaper.

Cooking a dinner for two is cheaper than each person buying their own ingredients. And you can buy in bulk.

2.Have more time and energy.

When a couple shares a home, they can specialize in certain tasks and divide labor, so they have more production with less effort. He is an awesome cook and she is a master at cleaning and organizing. Twice the work in half the time!

3.More likely to buy a home.

Married people often have the benefit of 2 incomes to qualify for a home loan. And are much more likely to own their own home than their single counterparts.

4.Better Social Networks

Married couples have the benefit of access to their partners social networks, which provides them with additional connections and resources.

5.Plan a beautiful Wedding

With all these great perks for getting married, don’t forget planning a beautiful wedding to celebrate. Let The Brides Bouquet create your unique bridal bouquets. You can choose from hundreds of combinations of flowers, ribbons and jewels.