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5 Must-See Wedding Trends for 2023

Posted by h e a t h e r on 26th Feb 2023

5 Must-See Wedding Trends for 2023

As wedding season 2023 is underway, here are 5 wedding trends that you should consider for your 2023 wedding. 

1. Disco Party

The world is finally coming out of the covid cloud and people everywhere are wanting to add some sparkle and fun to their weddings and events. Disco balls are popping up everywhere for wedding reception dance raves! Click here for a fun list of Disco Songs to get everyone on the dance floor!

2. Terracotta

Hues of terracotta, copper and burnt sienna will be frequent guests at weddings this year. Look for gorgeous bridesmaid gowns in all shades! Sunset shades of terracotta will be popping up in Bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets and reception flowers too! Touches of burnt orange are trending for wedding invitations and save the date cards too! 

3. Feminine Style

 2023 wedding fashion will be filled with lace, tulle, ruffles and bows. Feminine fashion accents are light and airy yet bold. We love a chic bridal gown with a large bow or a sophisticated pantsuit! Add some flowy tulle layers to the bridesmaid gowns, or lacy accents to the bridal bodice!

4.  Mocktails

Fancy nonalcoholic drinks will make a much bigger splash this wedding season as couples desire to offer healthy and refreshing options for all guests.  Mocktail bar will offer unique and tasty non-alcoholic drink options for kids and adults alike! Think fun names and fancy umbrellas! Brides and grooms will be opting for creative cocktails presentation for all their pre-parties and post brunches! Maybe some fancy ice cubes with frozen flowers inside or unique ice shapes.

5. Herbal Wedding Cake Accents

Herbal baking expressions with wedding cakes, dessert tables and wedding cupcakes.  Think custom wildflower cupcakes with different wildflower sprigs topping each cupcake. And even flavor essences that are mulled into the batter such as herbal lavender or sage green cupcakes!  The herbal apothecary aesthetic is basically baking with edible flowers and herbs. It is a historical way to approach the wedding cake.