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Ivory Garden Rose Silk Wedding Bouquets (XLarge)


Product Description

  • 36 beautiful ivory rose faux flower stems and leaves gathered together with satin ribbons.
  • Measuring 12 inches tall and 12 inches wide.
  • You will be pleasantly surprised at how realistic these flowers look.
  • The stems even have thorns, so use care when handling them even though they are not real, they feel real.
  • Multi-purpose because the 36 roses can be separated easily into individual stems to be used for any decorative touch!
  • Perfect size for the bride - the 36 stems are an extra large size bouquet.
  • Excellent quality & affordable option for your wedding decor and also makes a delightful keepsake.
  • Ships very fast from our California studio so it's one less thing to stress about for your event.

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