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3 Wedding Planning Tips inspired from Wonder Woman

Posted by Heather on 15th Jun 2017

3 Wedding Planning Tips inspired from Wonder Woman

Lets just say it. Wonder Woman is a badass! If she planned her wedding, it would totally reflect who she was. You would feel it as soon as you walked in. We do mostly silk wedding flowers here at The Brides If Wonder Woman called us for a silk wedding bouquet recommendation, we would point her toward a darker colored rose, maybe a dark burgundy, or navy, or even black!  And she would totally rock it!!

Now here are 3 tips for you to plan your wedding like a superhero:

1. Not everyone has to dress the same to know that you are all in the same crew!

2. Don't let anyone who makes a commission talk you into something you don't want. That's what family is for!

3.Remember to have some fun with it all! And having all the guys pose for the photographer is super fun!!