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Lavender Rose Bouquet Wedding | Bouquet Toss | Cheap Bridesmaid Bouquets | Silk Wedding Flowers | Artificial Wedding Bouquets (One Dozen Roses)

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Product Description

Elegant and petite toss bouquet of lavender silk roses. If you like this photo, you will love this bouquet. This bouquet is reminiscent of love, romance, and the essence of forever. Enjoy the timeless beauty of 12 hand tied silk lavender roses, without any wilting worries. For budget weddings this bouquet also looks great in the hands of your bridesmaids. Also an ideal bouquet for children participating in the ceremony. This toss bouquet is a great option for:

- junior bridesmaids 
- bridesmaids 
- as a toss bouquet 
- pop it into a vase for a centerpiece 
- line your aisle with this splash of color

Overall dimensions: 6 inches wide and 10 inches tall

This is a perfect match to all items in the Lavender Silk Rose Collection from

Lavender Silk Rose Toss Bouquet - Silk Wedding Toss Bouquet

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